"Practice is for myself and not something that others ask me to do. It's the road I chose, I can't give up even if I'm tired."
- Sungyeol
layxingg -> seongyeowl

save me


watercolour, gouache, Copic White Opaque on watercolour paper

Being trapped within oneself, one cannot help but to suffer.

D-3! Waa, Infinite definitely caught me off guard with this one. I see a little bit similarity with Last Romeo, both being so dark. But I’m actually a little bit more curious on this one (the thug concept caught me. THUG GYU)

This one was inspired by the mural that appears in the video, which I assume was inspired also by the street artist Retna (you can see my explanation about this issue here). I’m in love with Retna’s graffiti work. He has created beautiful composition with his self made scripts. It gives off a foreign, yet spiritual feeling for me. On this one I tried to replicate that style to help me convey the story here. 

'Be Back' Concept Picture
'Be Back' Concept Picture
6/ things I love about Woohyun: The way he scrunches his nose when he sings


This place is a paradise only if you’re here.
A paradise that has locked you in against your will.
A sad paradise that you won’t go if you’re awake.
A paradise that we can be together forever.


insp. by amigonew

'Be Back' Concept Picture